Friday, April 30, 2010

How to become a Thirty-One Consultant & why you should sign up with me May 1 - June 30!!

Happy Friday afternoon everyone!!

For those that read my blog post this morning and have been on the edge of their seats to find out what the New Consultant bonus is for May 1 - June 30, I'm fulfilling that promise to give you this awesome information! I figured I would also include some information so that future readers know what it takes to get started!! ...or for those of you who may be curious now!

Our Spring/Summer catalog was just released on February 1st!! The Fall/Winter catalog will launch on August 1st!!

Some of the great things Thirty-One offers you to join:
**Start-up cost is only $99 and includes over $300 in products and business supplies. (We also have a $149 Kit option)
**25% commission from day one of joining (opportunity to earn more on your personal sales and team sales if you choose to build a team)
**Very low quota of only $200 retail every 3 consecutive months to remain active
**New customer and hostess specials each month (paid for by the company!)
**Your website is FREE in your first 90 days of business; after that, it is optional; ($9.95/mo for the website and $2.95/mo for our newsletter service)
**Start Swell program for all new Consultants where you can earn cash and prizes in your first 90 days of business
**Company-sponsored incentives
**Dream Rewards Incentives - earn a Cruse, a Disney Trip, a computer or cash every year your with Thirty-One!
**Cash Bonuses when you promote!
**FREE Catalogs for attending Bazaars/Fairs

All of that is just a sampling of what you can earn by being a Thirty-One consultant. All it takes to qualify as a consultant is selling $1000 in your first 3 months! The average Thirty-One consultant sells $1000 with just TWO home shows! Plus, with the Start Swell Program you earn so much cool stuff in your first 90 days as well!! Check it out here!! It's a great motivator to get your business up and running...and to earn a TON of FREE STUFF!!!!

It is only $99 to get started and you get over $300 in products!! Your minimum sales to stay active are $200 per rolling 3 month time period…which I can see will be so easy to achieve!!! Thirty-One pays you 25% commission (and you can get a check or direct deposit on the 10th of each month). In addition, your commission percentage will increase as you promote! It is so great…they do not charge you to accept credit cards, they cover hostess rewards/freebies...and more!!

Your kit is expected to ship from Thirty-One in 2-3 business days. The great thing about Thirty-One is you schedule when you want to work!! You pick your hours…so they are flexible around YOUR schedule!! You can also set up online or catalog parties!! We also sell “Party to Go” kits (or you can create your own), where you can give your hostess just a few items…so she can show them to her friends and families!! Catalog or Online parties are super easy and a fun way to supplement your party business!!

If you scroll down here is a list of what you will get with the new Spring/Summer kit. Just read below and let me know what other questions you might have!! It is great to start your business with a brand new, fresh catalog!!

Becoming a consultant is the best way to be able to host YOUR party!! Not only do you receive the hostess rewards, but it is the perfect way to launch your new career or hobby!!

**It is important for you to have your first 4 parties booked when you sign up so you can get the bonus paperwork for free – this is double paperwork and catalogs - you can be one of the hosts too! Also make sure you check the box about getting a website as this is free for 3 months!

Kit Contents (items subject to change based on availability):
Item 1: Key Fob (Hampton in Taupe)
Item 2: Coin Purse (Green Ditzy)
Item 3: Zipper Pouch (Newport Stripe)
Item 4: Infant Bib (I’m a Hooot Owl)
Item 5: Thermal Tote (Paparazzi Dot) Pre-selected embroidery “Take Out”
Item 6: Large Utility Tote (Tailored Stripe)
Item 7: About Town Blanket (Paparazzi Dot)Pre-selected Embroidery “Family”
Item 8: Boardwalk Bag (Peony Bloom)Pre-selected Embroidery “Celebrate”
Item 9: Pleated Top Beach Tote (Newport Bloom)Pre-selected Embroidery “Thirty-One”
Item 10: Snap Skirt Purse (Brown)
Item 11: Fitted Skirt (Hampton in Taupe)
2010 Spring/Summer Catalogs
Order Forms
Stationery Sample Set
Party Invitation Postcards
Thirty-One Blank Notecards
Hostess Flyers
Consultant Flyers
Consultant Training Guide
Policies and Procedures Manual

There is an alternate kit for $149. This kit allows you to choose your monogramming, as well as your fabrics. It’s just a personal choice...Thirty-One does a great job of making selections; it just depends on what you want. (I am choosing the $99 kit because it takes a little longer to get the $149 kit since it's not "in stock"--they have to make your new items. Plus in May-June, you get your $99 kit free--Keep reading and I'll tell you how!)

Please let me know if you have questions during the enrollment process or need my assistance! When you are ready to sign up go to my website which I will post when I get it tomorrow and choose Join My Team! You will know you have successfully signed up when you receive a welcome message with your Consultant ID #.

Alright, drum roll please...(I've kept you waiting long enough I know!)

Any new Consultant who enrolls between May 1st and June 30th and qualifies in her first 30 days will earn a $99 rebate for her kit. If she chooses the $99 Kit and qualifies in 30 days, she’ll basically start her business for FREE! Those who select the $149 Kit and qualify in 30 days can earn a $99 rebate as well, making their initial investment only $50! Thirty-One is offering us a chance to begin a great business, get $300 in super-cute products and do it all FOR FREE!!!

Qualifying in 30 days is a great start to your business, but doing it in 60 days isn’t “half-bad” either ~ so Consultants who qualify in 60 days will earn back ½ of the rebate ($49.50)! New Consultants who choose the $149 Kit can earn the $49.50 rebate as well by qualifying in their first 60 days!

Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE ME SOME FREE STUFF!!!! Which is why I'm taking advantage of this great rebate special too! I am waking up bright and early tomorrow to start my Thirty-One business! So if anyone wants to sign up with me, I'll be up and running with my new website first thing tomorrow morning--EARLY! I'll be more than happy to help you sign up under my website the same day I do! We can be Thirty-One twin (triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet, etc) sistas!!

PLEASE email me with any questions that you have about the Thirty-One business or if you would like to host a party! My email address is I'm so excited to start helping everyone get all the cute Thirty-One gear they want!!

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